8 Ways You Might Be Washing Your Face Wrong

8 Ways You Might Be Washing Your Face Wrong

You’re probably thinking to yourself “It’s just washing my face how could hard can it be?” Cleansing is the most basic of skin care rituals and it should be the easiest, but you’d be surprised at the small mistakes you might be making:

  1. You’re using soap

The skin has a natural barrier of oils and lipids called the acid mantle. Soap is alkaline and when you use it to cleanse you face it strips your skin of its barrier leaving it dry, sensitized and vulnerable to breakouts.

2. You’re using the wrong cleanser

A quality facial cleanser should be PH neutral which preserves the acid mantle. Cleansers generally come in two forms, foaming and cream. Foaming cleansers contain surfactants that break down oils and are idea for those with combination or oily skin. Individuals with dry or maturing skin types are better suited to cream cleansers. Cream cleansers are also ideal to use as a makeup remover as they contain oils that are excellent for dissolving makeup of the skin. If you are unsure of what kind of cleanser you should be using ask you esthetician to make a recommendation.

3. You aren’t double cleansing

If you are a heavy makeup wearer ideally you should be cleansing your skin twice . Your first cleanse should be performed using an oil based cream cleanser. Cream cleansers are applied dry to the skin and are very effective at loosening and removing makeup. After rinsing off your first cleanse, proceed to wash with a foaming cleanser to remove any remaining residue on the skin.

4. You’re not cleansing your neck and ears

In my studio I am often told by my laser clients “I just washed my face before I came”. In the interest of being thorough I give their skin a quick cleanse with a wipe. 9 times out of 10 my wipe comes off their skin covered in makeup that was left behind around their ears, neck and hairline. I’m not judging! These areas are a pain to cleanse properly. To be sure you’re getting everything try using a soft washcloth GENTLY in these areas.  Incidentally I also notice these areas are prone to blackheads and skin congestion when I am performing facials on my clients.

5. You’re http://healthsavy.com/product/phentermine/ relying on makeup wipes too much

Makeup wipes aren’t ideal. The contain a lot of alcohols, preservatives, and fragrance that can be drying or irritating to the skin. They simply aren’t designed to be a substitute for good old fashioned cleanser and water.  A cleansing wipe is fine in a pinch and better than not washing your face at all, but just be sure they aren’t your sole method of cleansing.

6. You’re not cleansing often enough

In a perfect world everyone would be cleansing their faces twice a day. There is a lot of dirt and bacteria that gets transferred to your skin throughout the day that can wreak havoc on your complexion. If you are a regular gym goer, you also need to be sure you’re washing your face before and after you work out. Cleansing off makeup before you workout is important as you don’t want to have excess sweat and oils mingling with your makeup and creating a potential acne situation.

7. You might be over exfoliating

There’s been this trend in the media of exfoliation madness. People have been misled into believing that they can scrub away their skin problems with apricot kernels, brushes, and even cat litter…. (YES CAT LITTER….). Exfoliation is AWESOME for keeping your skin clear, clean and healthy, BUT it needs to be performed in moderation. Over exfoliating can leave your skin red, dehydrated and sensitized. I usually suggest my clients exfoliate 2 times a week at most with scrubs, or use a gentle AHA exfoliant serum nightly.

4. The water you’re using is too hot

Super hot water is wayyy too much for delicate facial skin. It is really drying and removes your skin’s natural oils. It also dilates the capillaries in your skin causing excess redness. Instead use lukewarm water.

A sure fire way to acheive skin success is to be sure your making the most of something as fundamental as cleansing your skin correctly. Clean skin is happy skin! 

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