DMK Enzyme therapy to tighten, brighten, clear and lift your skin!

A client favorite! Take skin health to new levels with this world renown treatment. DMK Signature Enzyme therapy works to encourage your skins natural biochemistry. It exfoliates, firms and lifts the face, detoxifies, nourishes, and oxygenates the skin via reverse osmosis. This paramedical treatment is completely customizable to target your specific skin concerns. Following your treatment you will notice a distinct change in fine lines, skin clarity and brightness, acne lesions and inflammation.

How does it work?

DMK enzyme therapy works via a four step process:

A customized cleansing and exfoliation process will remove superficial debris and dead skin cells leaving your skin perfectly prepared for extractions if needed. A tailored pre treatment will be selected specifically for your skin.

Next is the application of the Enzyme mask. This mask is where the magic happens! A thick paste is applied from decollete to hair line and follows the contours of your neck. Left for approximately 45 minutes, it hardens and pulls your skin taut drawing fluids and fresh blood supply to the tissues of your skin. This process is known as reverse osmosis and it is responsible for the stimulating and detoxifying effect. The tightening of the mask also works on your facial muscles toning and lifting them encouraging a firming of the skin and reducing sagging.

Transdermal infusion finishes off the facial by using galvanic current to deeply penetrate a cocktail of targeted serums into your skin leaving it deeply nourished.

Post treatment it is very normal to have a pink flush and to see capillaries and venous activity within the skin. This subsides within 20 minutes and is the effect of the reverse osmosis.  

$140 – 90 minutes

Add on 20 min LED treatment – 30$ (strongly reccomended)

Add on microcurrent treatment – $40

Led Facial