Do I Need Sun Protection During The Winter?

Do I Need Sun Protection During The Winter?

I  jokingly call myself the sunscreen police. It’s funny, but true. My laser hair removal and facial clients never leave my studio without sun protection on their faces after a service, and I always ask them if they are wearing sunscreen daily. Sadly, the most common response I get is, “I wear it during the Summer, but not in the Winter.” This is so unfortunate because they are leaving themselves vulnerable to premature aging and skin cancer DAILY. I strive really hard to educate my clients in the importance of adequate sun protection.

The easiest and most beneficial thing you can do for your skin to fight aging and skin cancer is wear a minimum SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen every single day.

A quality broad spectrum sunscreen will protect you from all forms of UV light. There are two types of UV light that contribute to skin damage, UVA and UVB.

UVA rays account for 95% of the sun exposure your skin receives. They are present during all daylight hours and can penetrate clouds and glass. UVA rays are responsible for giving you a tan. Despite the popularity of golden skin, a tan is not something anyone should want. It’s your skins way of protecting itself from sun exposure. A tan is a CRY FOR HELP from your skin.

The second type of UV rays, UVB are the chief cause of sunburns. They tend to penetrate only the upper layers of the skin (where most skin cancers are found). They are stongest between 10 am and 4 pm during the summer months. However, they are easily reflected off surfaces such as snow and ice, so your exposure is doubled due to the suns rays bouncing off surfaces and reaching your skin TWICE.

Long story short, you are just as likely to get sun damage during the winter months as you are during the summer, but don’t despair! There are many quality daily moisturizers with built in sun protection.

One of my favorite sunscreens is Prevention + daily tinted moisturizer SPF 30 by Image Skincare. This paraben free daily tinted moisturizer is a mineral sunscreen full of free radical fighting antioxidants. It’s oil free and works for practically everyone, especially those individuals that typically break out from sunscreen. If your looking for a product that is a multitasker, this item works fabulously. You get an anti aging moisturizer, medium coverage makeup and sun protection all in one happy package!

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