Laser Hair Removal: an effective and safe alternative to waxing

If your looking to remove unwanted and unsightly hair, I have the solution for you. ND: Yag Laser Technology is gentle enough for any skin type or colour, yet highly effective in providing and maintaining hair free skin. Unethical salons and spas make unrealistic claims about what lasers can offer, but after your consultation you’ll know the facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is laser hair removal?

A: Laser Hair Removal is a process which reduces hair by using a long pulse laser. Lasers target the melanin (pigment) inside the hair shaft thereby disabling the follicle from producing hair.

Q: Will laser hair removal work for me?

A: The best candidates are people treating coarse dark hair. The darker the hair the better the outcome. Clients with less coarse and lighter hair will require more sessions over a longer period of time. Laser hair removal is not effective at treating Blonde, White, Red, or Grey Hair.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: The Amount of sessions required varies for many reasons. Hormones, genetics, medical conditions, hair type, and area being treated, all play a role on the results that can be expected from laser hair removal. Keep in mind, laser is not 100% permanent. Lasers reduce the amount of hair that grows and renders returning hair weaker and slower growing. On an ideal client 50-80% reduction is best case scenario.

Q: What is the difference between lasers and IPL?

A: True Lasers use a very selective wavelength of light to target the hair shaft. The energy is extremely focused so it is very precise, offering more powerful and accurate results with less treatment,

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines are NOT lasers.

A flaw with these systems is that they lack the ability to produce targeted wavelengths that are safe for all skin types. This broad wavelength renders these systems less effective in disabling hair and puts darker skinned clients at higher risk for burns and other complications.

Before Treatment
  • Do not wax, epilate, or remove hair by the root for at least six weeks prior to treatment.
  • Shave the area 1-2 days prior to treatment. THIS IS MANDATORY. Not shaving leaves you at risk for a less effective treatment and burns from singed hairs.
  • Do not tan for 7 days prior to treatment.
  • Please arrive with clean, dry skin. Makeup, lotions and perfumes put you at risk for adverse reactions.
After Treatment
  • Post treatment will leave you with some redness, swelling, or a mild burning sensation for 12-24 hours. This is NORMAL and can be managed with Ibuprofen and ice.
  • Do not Sweat excessively or workout following treatment.
  • ALWAYS wear sunscreen daily when undergoing laser treatment. Please ensure you are wearing SPF 50 or higher. Failure to wear sunscreen leaves you at risk for pigmentation issues. I carry a variety of clinical grade sunscreens for all skin types for you to purchase. They are designed specifically for use after laser services.
  • The remainder of the treated hair shaft will shed from under the skin. This process takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on follicle depth. Feel free to shave the area to remove dead stubble.
  • Once the hair has finished shedding you should expect a relatively hair free period for a few weeks.

Laser Prices for Women

Full Face $90 Full Leg & Reg Bikini $300
1/2 Face  $70 1/2 Leg $175
Upper lip $40 Bikini $75
Chin $40 Brazilian $125
Lip & Chin $60 Back $100
Full Arms $175 Abs $100
1/2 Arm $100 Underarms $40
Buttocks $150


Laser Prices for Men

Cheeks $60 Full Arm $225
Neck Front/Back $70 Back $300
1/2 Arm
$150 Shoulders $150
Chest & Abs
$300 Ears $40

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