Seven tips for healthy Winter skin

Seven tips for healthy Winter skin

Is dry, dehydrated skin giving you the winter woes? Let these simple tips give you a leg up during this skin stressing season:

Never cleanse with bar soap:

Soap is alkaline which strips your skin of moisture and natural oils. A properly formulated cleanser will be PH neutral and preserve your skins healthy acid mantle and prevent sensitized, dry skin.

Avoid products with SD Alcohol 40 and Chemical Fragrances:

Dry winter conditions leave your skin more susceptible to irritation and breakouts. Artificial Fragrances and SD Alcohol 40 can make matters even worse by depleting natural moisture in the skin and causing skin cell build up leading to even more breakouts.

Use a humidifier at night:

Cold winter air robs your skin of moisture. Give your skin a break by sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom. The added moisture in the air will help to keep your skins hydration levels up.

Increase your exfoliation:

Instead of heaping on a heavier moisturizer (which probably isn’t right for your skin), try evening out dry flaking skin with an AHA serum or moisturizer at night. This will accelerate the shedding of flaking, dry skin revealing the healthier skin from underneath.

Wear sun protection (YES – EVEN IN WINTER!)

Though the days may be cooler your skin is still vulnerable to UVA rays. These rays are responsible for damaging the DNA in your skin which leads to accelerated aging, photo damage, and water loss. A good daytime moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 30 is the single best thing you can do to fight aging.

Use a hydrating lip balm:

Cold Winter air pulls moisture from your lips causing you to lick them. Your saliva evaporates off your lips pulling even more moisture with it, resulting in vicious cycle of painful, cracked lips. Avoid this misery by applying a conditioning lip treatment like Image Skin Cares Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex regularly throughout the day.

Supplement for skin health:

During winter months your skin needs an added boost. Start supplementing with Omega 3 twice daily. Omega 3’s help your skin retain moisture and reduce inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Omega 3’s are “healthy fats” that cannot be made within the body, this means you have to consume them in the food you eat. Add foods like salmon, tuna, walnuts or flax seed oils to your diet or take supplements to increase your intake.

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