Six tips for repairing Summer sun damage

Six tips for repairing Summer sun damage

1) Your skin needs peace and quiet.

Avoid using anything that is too aggressive. Discontinue laser treatments, cleansing brushes, and facial scrubs. The melanocyte (pigment producing cell in the skin) has been over stimulated excess sun exposure and it needs to rest.

2) Continue to be diligent with your sun protection.

Even though the hot sunny days of summer have come to an end, its important to continue to use sun protection every day. The UVA and UVB rays that cause pigmentation and sun damage in the skin are present year round. Protecting your skin from these rays is one of the best ways to discourage hyperpigmentation.  

3) Use products to inhibit pigmentation.

The key to reducing hyperpigmentation is to slow the processes occuring within the melanocyte. Look for products that contain natural skin lighteners like Kojic Acid, Niacinimide, and oyster phoenix mushroom.

4) Stimulate the production of new skin cells.

AHA’s and Retinols are skin resurfacing ingredients that increase skin cell turnover. They work by causing the skin to shed it’s exterior cells rapidly and encouraging the skin to produce new cells. This accelerates the time it takes for sun damaged and pigmented cells come to the skins surface and exfoliate away.

5) Practice patience!

Pigmentation and sun damage doesnt show up over night, it is often the result of years of accumulated sun exposure and physiological factors. It takes time and dedication to see improvement.

6) Schedule a series of professional treatments.

Book a skin consultation to determine the best way to treat your sun damage or pigmentation. A series of peels or resurfacing treatments combined with properly prescribes home care will ensure the best results.

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