The Low Down on Laser Hair Removal

The Low Down on Laser Hair Removal

During the last decade laser hair removal has increased in popularity and is now considered the gold standard in hair reduction. Waxing, tweezing, sugaring and shaving all offer temporary solutions to unwanted hair. Laser hair removal has the potential to offer you long term lasting results. If you’re considering leaping into laser hair removal, read the following to be sure it’s right for you.

  • Not all laser hair removal is created equal.            

There is a common misconception that all laser hair removal is the same. WRONG!  There are five popular technologies available currently: IPL, Alexandrite, Diode, ND:Yag, and Ruby. Each system offers different pros and cons. I offer ND:yag laser hair removal. The DEKA Smartepil laser has a longer wavelength with the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than other types of lasers.

  • Always book a consultation.                    

Before investing in laser hair removal, it’s important to be sure you are a good candidate. Laser hair removal isn’t ideal for everyone, the best results are seen in individuals with coarse dark hair. A reputable laser technician will be more than willing to offer you a free consultation and patch test to determine if laser is right for you.

  • Be sure your laser technician is qualified.

Many people aren’t aware of this but Laser hair removal is unregulated in British Columbia. For your safety it’s important to ensure that your provider is qualified and insured. I hold three laser certificates and am trained in the use of all my equipment.

  • No waxing or sugaring prior to laser hair removal.

Lasers are attracted to the melanin (pigment) in the hair shaft. This means that the hair has to be physically present in the follicle to treat successfully. Switch from waxing to shaving 4-6 weeks prior to your first laser session. During your consultation I will go over any necessary preparations you may need to do.

  • Avoid the sun.

Since lasers see the contrast between the hair and surrounding skin, getting a tan prior to your treatment is not
ideal. Not only does it affect your treatment outcomes, it puts you at risk for complications such as hyperpigmentation. Wearing quality SPF is extremely important for anyone undergoing laser treatments.

  • Expect some irritation after treatment.

Laser is not painless. Clients often describe the sensation as being similar to “hot tingling” or “a rubber band snap”. Not to worry, my equipment has a cooling system designed to manage any pain and make your treatment more comfortable. It’s common for clients to experience post treatment redness and swelling afterward. This usually can be managed with cold compresses or ice and subsides within 12-24 hours. I always encourage my clients to schedule their laser sessions 5-7 days before any events they may have coming up.

  • Laser hair removal requires commitment.  

Sugaring, waxing, and shaving are all quick fixes with instant results. Laser hair removal requires patience. Post treatment it can take up to three weeks for the dead treated hair to shed from the follicle. Everyones individual laser results vary depending on hair texture, colour, and location. To acheive the best results it’s important to follow your reccomended treatment plan. Most treatments are scheduled every four to six weeks.

If your interested in taking the plunge to a more permanent solution to unwanted hair, book your free laser hair removal consultation today by calling

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