Vitamins C & E, The Anti Aging Antioxidants

Vitamins C & E, The Anti Aging Antioxidants

The most common skin complaint I encounter in my practice is premature aging in young women ages 25-35. They come to me frustrated with fine lines, dehydration, and photodamage that they are beginning to notice in their skin.

One of the major contributors to early aging is FREE RADICALS. We are exposed to free radicals daily through exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke, and smog. Free radicals are unstable excess electrons that attack healthy skin cells and prevent them from functioning normally. This is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is responsible for destroying skin cell DNA, depleting skins moisture balance, causing pigmentation, and worsening wrinkles.

Fortunately there are antioxidants to aid in fighting free radicals and oxidative stress.

So what are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are vitamins and compounds that are capable of neutralizing free radicals. Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) and vitamin E (tocopherol) are the most common antioxidants used to combat free radicals in the skin. Combined together they are powerhouses of anti aging. Eating a diet high in antioxidant rich foods and applying topical antioxidant products can slow and lessen free radical damage and oxidative stress.

To make the most of these skin saving ingredients i recommend my clients book an Ultrasonic Facial to jump start their skin. This facial thouroughly exfoliates the skin using a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. This exfoliation prepares your skin for a deeply penetrating antioxidant serum infusion via sonophoresis. Sonophoresis opens up microscopic pathways between skin cells that allows for deeper product penetration.

For further antioxidant protection post treatment, proper home care is important. Using a serum or night cream that has high concentrations of antioxidant ingredients is key to maintaining results at home. I suggest Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum during the day. It contains a 15% blend of vitamins C and E. When worn under a daily sunscreen, it will give superior antioxidant protection. For individuals with stressed or dehydrated skin, Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme worn at night will repair free radical damage with its 20% blend of Vitamins A, C, E combined with ceramides and linoleic acid to protect and nourish your skin.

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