What is a chemical peel?

What is a chemical peel?

If you’ve been dealing with persistent skin issues like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne, or uneven skin texture you may have looked into getting a chemical peel. They might sound scary or aggressive but a chemical peel performed by a competent and certified esthetician is an easy, low risk, and cost effective way to achieve results quickly and safely.

So what exactly is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel breaks down the proteins that hold dead skin cells together on the skin’s surface. This is done using professional strength solutions containing, glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or mandelic acids. A peel is a surface chemical exfoliation as opposed to mechanical exfoliation like microdermabrasion or dermaplaning.

Why should you get a chemical peel?

     Professional chemical peels can benefit a wide variety of skin conditions. They improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, reduce acne, and increase hydration. A chemical peel causes your skin to shed its outer layer, rapidly revealing the fresh new skin underneath.

What can you expect during a chemical peel?

     A good esthetician will insist on bringing you in for a consultation prior to booking your peel. This will allow her to properly assess your skin and develop a treatment plan for you. You will be required to fill out a health questionnaire and purchase some products to use at home during the week leading up to your peel appointment.

During your chemical peel your esthetician will cleanse and prepare your skin with products to be sure it is in good condition for the peel to penetrate evenly. When the peel is applied you may feel a tingling or flushing sensation. This is normal and can be somewhat http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antidepressants/ uncomfortable. Don’t worry your discomfort is short lived and some people feel very little at all. Depending on the peel solution used it may be left on anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Once the peel procedure is complete it is neutralized and then your esthetician will finish the service with a hydrating serum and sun protection.

What happens after a chemical peel?

     It’s typical for your skin to feel flushed, tight, or itchy after your peel. your esthetician will have provided you with products to care for you skin post treatment and facilitate the peel recovery process. Typically 36-48 hours after your peel you will notice your skin will start flaking. Don’t pick or play with the peeling skin, let it shed naturally and use the products provided to soothe any itching or tightness. Generally the peeling should subside within 2-3 days.

My skin didn’t peel after my treatment!!?

Don’t worry! The amount of flaking and shedding skin is NOT indicative of whether or not you received a proper treatment. Healthy, well prepared skin often has less visible exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation also occurs on a cellular level which is not visible to the naked eye.

     If your wanting to treat persistent skin issues a well prescribed and performed chemical peel will give you the results you’re looking for. To answer any further questions you may have book a skin consultation to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

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